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Cathedral of the Assumption

Catechism Classes

Year Time Catechists
Year 1 Thursdays at 5:00pm M'Josette Pavia, Mariella Fenech and Fr. Joseph Attard
Year 2 Thursdays at 5:00pm Elena Grech and Anna Farrugia
Year 3 Mondays and Thursdays at 5:00pm Marion Saliba, Charmaine Magro and Martha Bonnici
Year 4 Mondays at 5:00pm Cheryll Camilleri and Maria Zammit Micallef
Year 5 Mondays at 5:00pm Frances Grech and Joanna Said
Year 6 Mondays at 5:00pm Monica Mifsud and Fr Joseph Attard
Year 7 (Form 1) Mondays and Thursdays at 5:00pm Fr. Daniel Sultana, Karl Mercieca Pavia, Stefan Grech and Sem. Matthew Borg