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Cathedral of the Assumption

Catechism and Adolescents

We want the youngest members of our community to know who God is in our daily life and thus we start Catechism classes from the age of 5. Such classes are held here at the Cathedral, and we meet once a week for an hour with our dedicated catechists. 

As part of the Catechism programme, children who are preparing to receive the Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Confirmation have classes twice a week.

As for older children, special groups are held to help in further formation. Once our children receive the above Sacraments, they still need to know more about God, especially now that they are growing into young adults and facing different challenges. This also helps them to know peers in the community and have an adult guide apart from their parents to help in their formation and to look up to for help. Such classes for adolescents are held weekly and involve also fun outings.

The following are the classes held together with days and times:

Year Time Catechists
Year 1 Thursdays at 5:00pm M'Josette Pavia, Mariella Fenech and Fr. Joseph Attard
Year 2 Thursdays at 5:00pm Elena Grech and Anna Farrugia
Year 3 Mondays and Thursdays at 5:00pm Marion Saliba, Charmaine Magro and Martha Bonnici
Year 4 Mondays at 5:00pm Cheryll Camilleri and Maria Zammit Micallef
Year 5 Mondays at 5:00pm Frances Grech and Joanna Said
Year 6 Mondays at 5:00pm Monica Mifsud and Fr Joseph Attard
Year 7 (Form 1) Mondays and Thursdays at 5:00pm Fr. Daniel Sultana, Karl Mercieca Pavia, Stefan Grech and Sem. Matthew Borg